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A blog dedicated mostly to my cosplay of the ginger version of the Tenth Doctor, but a few of my other cosplays too. (John Watson [BBC], Ezio Auditore, and Loki, along with a plethora of other DT cosplays)

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Quinta da Regaleira City & Architecture


Quinta da Regaleira City & Architecture

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ecchima replied to your post:

Yours is less messy than mine xD

Lol I just used my microphone and my mixpad program~ Same stuff I recorded HTRT on, actually.

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Song: Accent Challenge
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slightly older female friends are truly a force for good in this world

has anyone ever asked for your autograph?



Right after I sang Hey There Rose Tyler at Kumoricon last year, like four girls came running up to me where I was sitting on the panel and asked for me to sign the backs of their con badges. I did, but I can guarantee you my face nearly matched the color of my hair!


There is this website called Thrift Books and I just got $66.90 worth of books for $19.93 (five books). Shipping was free. You’re welcome.

Idk I'd say I'm pretty fucking brilliant bc today in Chemistry I was thinking about rough sex and my teacher was asking questions to the class and I answered all three correctly.


Mastery over your art

Flower thingy because I'm on mobile~




Put ✾ and I will generate a number to find out how your muse will find mine - NSFW/SEXUAL SPECIAL.

1. My muse in their underwear

"Ah I think somethin’ bit me." Jack mumbled scratching his leg as he stood in his underwear. "Doc- Oh there you are."

//I hope this was the flower you were talking about.

A little startled by the lack of clothing on Jack as he walked in the room, the Doctor blinked a few times to try and recapture what he was going to say before saying it aloud. “Ah—right, yes here I am… I’ve just been ‘round the rest of the place and I was wondering where you’d—” he paused, completely breaking off into a different line of thought. “Sorry, but what are you doing in just your pants…?”

The Captain continued to scratch his upper thigh. “Did you find anythin’?” He blinked a bit, looking down at himself and then up at the other. “I walked into a spider web and then tripped onto the floor and rolled into somethin’ on the floor..”

The look on the Doctor’s face as he heard Jack’s reasoning for being nearly naked went immediately to one of incredulous disbelief, and somewhat exasperated, he sighed. “You did what? Honestly?? And you thought that taking your trousers off was a good reaction to rolling around on the floor…? Oh Jack…”

He drug his hand down his face before shaking his head slightly. “What am I ever going to do with you…”

"Right, put your trousers back on and come help me get a piece of ducting back in place that fell off after we landed hard on that wasteland of the last planet…"

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Can you do a tutorial on how to get the tenth doctor haor? Yours is always so perfect

I might at some point!!





In a world where men are alphas or omegas our muses are to become ‘mates’ on order of their parents. 

Send ‘Omega’ for a starter where mine is the omega. 

Send ‘Alpha’ for a starter where mine is the alpha.

The Omega twisted the bottom of his shirt in his hands, swallowing he lifted his eyes to look at the other.


Seeing the larger Omega’s apprehension and cute motions made the Doctor’s hearts somewhat melt. Smiling softly, he pressed a kiss to Jack’s forehead. 

"Are you alright, love? If you’re unsure about things…we can wait until your next heat. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable…"

Jack smiled, closing his eyes. He stopped twisting his shirt in his hands and leaned closer to the short Alpha.

"Yes, sir. I’m just a bit nervous is all, but i’m alright and sure about things." Jack lowered his eyes a bit so as to not upset the other. He had been with other Alphas but they were mean, so he was a bit unsure with this one.

The Doctor tilted his chin back up and locked eyes with him, his love and compassion shining through. “Ill make sure you enjoy yourself, promise.” He said with a warm smile. “Just trust me.”

Leaning in, he captured the omega’s mouth with his own in a gentle kiss. His free hand wandered up Jack’s side to caress his hip with his thumb in a soothing motion.

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