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A blog dedicated mostly to my cosplay of the ginger version of the Tenth Doctor, but a few of my other cosplays too. (John Watson [BBC], Ezio Auditore, and Loki, along with a plethora of other DT cosplays)

My new Ten shirt, and a mild tutorial of how I do my hair to be Ten’s

Step 1:

  • shower
  • seriously, or at least get your hair wet again

Step 2:

  • towel that mass of wet on your head
  • until it’s just damp
  • still a little wet to the touch

Step 3:

  • try and blow the hair up into a faux-hawk already
  • my hair is so fine (as in not coarse) that sometimes it’s difficult

Step 4:

  • GEL
  • or sometimes, if you want it to be soft and makeout worthy, hair wax 
  • it’s what they use on the show for the kissssssssy scenes
  • where Rose runs her fingers thru his hair mmmmh yeah boy 
  • only use a little bit at first, put some on your fingertips and basically just frantically rub it thru 
  • make sure it gets to the roots
  • because if it doesn’t you won’t have a strong base for the sticky-uppy

Step 5:

  • Once you get the gel the way you want it, and you’ve fluffed it enough
  • most of the time, ESPECIALLY FOR CONS, my hair is rock-solid
  • so as nice as it is having people as to ruffle my hair
  • because hnnnggghh hair ruffling is my fav 
  • don’t do it
  • it would hurt like a biatch 
  • it pulls at my scalp really bad

and there you have it~

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